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Mandatory online education can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Please use your username and password to be able to access this page. Please contact us if you have not received yours.





Watch an example of an e-lecture by Dr John Partridge (Cardiac CT Anatomy:

Online education:

List of modules:

Module 1: Imaging technology

Prof Edwin van Beek

Professor of Radiology, University of Edinburgh

Introduction to CT
Challenges of performing cardiac CT/CT angiography
Principles of cardiac CTA
ECG gating: prospective or retrospective
Radiation dose

Module 2: Image acquisition

Prof Edwin van Beek

Professor of Radiology, University of Edinburgh


Patient preparation

Selection of clinical protocol
ECG gating prospective or retrospective
Pre-contrast scan
Contrast administration protocol
CT angiography acquisition

Module 3: CT Post processing

Dr Michelle Williams

Clinical Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh


What is post processing and why is it important ?
Image reconstruction algorithm
Image reconstruction kernel
Viewing adjustments

Module 4: CT Coronary Calcium scoring

Dr Saeed Mirsadraee

Consultant Cardiothoracic Radiologist
University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian

Review of the significance of CAC
Scan protocol
Scoring and interpretation of calculated scores

Module 5 &6: Cardiac CTA A Radiographer’s Perspective Part 1 & 2

Mr David Brien
Superintendent Radiographer, University of Edinburgh

Equipment used
Patient Preparation
Contrast Usage
Beta Blockade
The scan Pitfalls Post scan


Module 7 & 8: Cardiac CT Anatomy

Dr John Partridge​

Consultant Radiologist, Australia​​


​Imaging anatomy of the heart is discussed.

​Module 9 : Common challenges and pitfalls in

CT coronay angiography

Dr Michelle Williams


​Module 10 & 11: CTCA Physics

Dr Nick Weir
Principal CT Physicist

10: CTCA basics of acquisition and reconstruction      

11: Radiation dose     
Dose reduction methods in CTCA     


Appendix 1-3: Tips and Tricks in using Vitrea workstation​

Mr Eric Gombert  |  Sr Clinical Applications Specialist

VITAL Images


1. Coronary artery evaluation

2. Vessel analysis

3. EP planning

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