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Frequently asked questions:

1. I don’t have much experience in cardiac CT. Do I benefit from attending the course?

Yes. The course is designed to start at the basic level (level 1). We will teach you how to use a workstation and systematically analyse cardiac CT scans. The tutors will support each delegate based on their skills. This is why the size of the class is small to encourage individual training. By the end of the course, delegates are expected to work with minimal support and spot most of the abnormalities.

2. Do I need to complete the technical e-lectures?
Yes. These lectures are designed to help you familiarise yourself with the CT technology, safety, and adequate imaging techniques.

3. Is this course recognised by the SCCT?
Yes. The Edinburgh Cardiac CT course is endorsed by the Society of Cardiovascular Tomography.

4. How do I obtain my Level 2 accreditation?
When you complete the course, we will provide you with an official certificate of attendance, and a logbook of practical cases. Together with other documents and your application form, you can apply for the SCCT or BSCI certification.

5. Are there any live lectures at the course?
Yes. There are many live lectures that will be provided by the course faculty.

6. I do not have much experience with cardiac imaging, is there a reading list?
Yes. We can provide you with a recommended reading list if necessary.

7. Where can I complete my practical cases?
We will show you 25 recorded live cases during the course, as recommended by the SCCT. You will need to observe 25 additional live scans, for which you would have to be present at the scan session. You will observe patient preparation and the CT scanning. We recommend that you complete this additional training at your local institution.

8. Where can I find additional information on SCCT and BSCI certification?
Please follow the following links:

9. What do I do before attending the course?
Come fresh, it will be a long and tiring week. Sleep and eat well.

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